As of the June date this letter was written, I had fully intended to get through the summer with my remaining 4 staff members, finish treatment plans, and say our proper good-byes to my patients. And for information purposes, this letter was sent out to our active patients vis an email campaign a month ago. Feedabck from most everyone is that the letter went to SPAM, and so very few people have received it. Nonetheless, since the letter was written, I have had three of my four staff members depart for other opportunities. This has left me without the ability to function, or to provide even basic care for my remaining patients. I am still going to be available for emergency consultation, and for selected, simple procedures as the need arises over the next few weeks. I am fully aware (and feel horrible) that many of you will have difficulty finding a dentist in a reasonable timeframe, and an even more difficult task of finding a pediatric dentist for care, if you need to go that route (versus seeing a general dentist.) This is unfortunately NOT the way I wanted to conclude my private practice. I can say without a doubt that caring for my patients, and nurturing the WONDERFUL relationships I’ve had through this office, has been the primary joy of my career. I am so appreciative that you’ve allowed me to care for you over our time together. I pray that you all understand why this has occurred, and will speak fondly of us to your next dental office.
—Sincerely, Dr. Griffin