Creating the Christmas Spirit in Unlikely Places

Dentist office and Christmas spirit aren’t two phrases you’d normally associate with each other. Scary sounds and pointy tools are probably better suited for Halloween. However, we just can’t help ourselves at Christmas time. We love to go above and beyond to make the office a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, but also where kids can have fun.

In an effort to capture the excitement of the season we’ve been participating in the Elf on the Shelf game. It has brought joy to the faces of the children, parents and staff alike. From elves toppled over in the ornaments to stealing the kids toothbrushes, they’ve spent the holiday season busy causing mischief and a lot of laughs.

We know the dentists can be a confusing and scary place for adults, let alone for the youngsters. That’s why making our office a safe, comfortable and friendly environment has always been our top priority. We use bright colors and fun design, but the core of what makes us different is our staff. Each and every one of our team members cares so deeply for the children we serve and it’s so evident in the way they operate. I am so grateful for a staff as invested in the children as I am.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.