No one can argue that a perfectly fitted athletic mouthguard is an important piece of protective equipment. Many youth sports mandate mouthguards, deeming them just as important as face shields, eye protection, pads, and helmets. The problem is that many kids just don’t like wearing them for more than a few reasons. So what makes these different?

Comfortable Custom Fit

We take the time to learn all aspects of the athlete. We know that different mouths and different sports require different fits. One size fits all mouthguards are often difficult to fit and leave room for error or discomfort. With a custom cast of the athlete’s mouth and knowledge of their sport, we can guarantee a mouthguard that is safe and comfortable to wear.

Fun & Customizable Designs

We make the mouthguards right here in the office, which gives us the ability to customize them. With a variety of colors, icons, team logos, and sparkles to choose from you can boost morale, and inspire team unity! Having fun, customized, and comfortable mouthguards will make kids want to wear them.

Parent's Peace of Mind

When you choose a custom-fitted mouthguard from Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry, you can have the peace of mind that the guard will fit right! We’re dedicated to providing a safe and snug-fitting mouthguard that won’t choke or distract the athlete. If after a few days or up to a month into wearing our custom-made mouthguard, an athlete needs it adjusted, we are here! We will evaluate the issue and make the proper adjustments if we are able.

Who We Are

Dr. Ron Griffin is a pediatric specialist with over 24 years of experience treating only kids and teens. Dr. Griffin is also a Dentist-Member of The Academy for Sports Dentistry, which trains and educates dental professionals in the evaluation and prevention of dental (and secondarily, medical) trauma, and specifically trains and certifies qualified dentists for team-associated dental trauma care.
If you’re interested in a custom-fitted mouthguard contact us today for personalized pricing! Established patients of Dr. Griffin will receive 50% off of their total cost. Simply call 740-773-8320 and schedule an appointment today!