When Do Adult/Permanent Teeth Start Coming In?

Every person will have two sets of teeth in their life. When a child is around 6 months old, their primary or “baby” teeth will start to come in or “erupt” as dentists refer to the process. Primary teeth make the path to permanent teeth, but they still play a role in what will become of the child’s oral health as they become an adolescent and their jaws and teeth grow.

So when do adult teeth start coming in? Do they come in all at once? It is important to know the timeline of a child’s dental schedule so you can make sure you take the proper steps to a successful future with good oral hygiene. These questions and more will be answered below so you can feel ready when your child’s permanent teeth start coming in. 

Are Primary/Baby Teeth Important Even Though They Fall Out?

Baby teeth are important for many reasons. First and foremost, they help children chew and speak naturally. They are also responsible for guiding their permanent teeth into the right position in the jaw when they are ready to come in or “erupt.”  If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely due to decay or another issue, they may need to get a space maintainer put in so that the adult tooth comes in straight and in the right position.

When Will My Child’s Baby Teeth Start Falling Out?

Around 6 years old is about the time your child’s baby teeth will start to come in. The roots for their old teeth will start to dissolve as the tooth becomes more and more loose. Don’t fret if the child’s tooth wiggles for a time before actually coming out — it’s all part of the process and you can have the child wiggle it a little to loosen it if they are comfortable. It is not uncommon for a permanent tooth to begin to grow into the mouth while the baby tooth is still there, either. 

Why Do My Child’s Incoming Adult Teeth Look So Yellow?

Because your child’s baby teeth are so white (why they are often called milk teeth) their new permanent teeth can sometimes shock a parent with how much more regular their teeth look. Healthy adult teeth have a very light yellow color due to the different structure inside of them (called dentin) which is under the enamel. When a child’s first adult teeth start to erupt next to baby teeth, they can appear darker in contrast but this contrast will fade once all of the baby teeth come out.

When Will My Child’s Permanent Teeth Be Finished Coming In?

The first of your child’s permanent teeth come in around age 6 or 7 and are called the “six year molars.” These are the permanent teeth that don’t replace any existing primary teeth. Primary teeth as well as the new permanent teeth need to be cared for and brushed/flossed on a regular schedule so they last and stay strong. 

Most children will have around 28 of their permanent teeth by the time they are 13. The last of the permanent teeth to come in are called “third molars” or “wisdom teeth.” These come in around age 17 – 21 and because of their position are often hard to keep clean. Their use is minimal in the mouth, and there is often not enough room for them to grow in properly, which is why dentists sometimes recommend getting them removed to avoid potential complications. 

How Often Should My Child Go To The Dentist?

When their first baby teeth start coming in, it is important to see your pediatric dentist every 6 months to make sure your child’s teeth are growing in straight and that there are no complications. Brushing and flossing should start with the appearance of the baby teeth as well. These teeth are still important and need good oral care just like you do with your permanent  teeth as an adult. 

Does Your Child Need A Great Pediatric Dentist?

At Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry, we are determined to give your child the highest quality dental treatment and we know they need a caring dentist with a gentle touch. We are happy to answer any questions about your child’s incoming teeth or any issues you may have. 

Our team has extensive training in behavior management and the complex medical needs of children. When you and your child come into our office, you will find a kind and friendly environment for them to relax in while we handle any issues you may have. 

Whether your child needs primary, preventative, restorative or surgical dental care, our skilled and compassionate team are here for your children. Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry takes pride in providing the best dental care for children in Ross County and its surrounding areas. Call our offices to speak with one of our helpful staff members and book an appointment today!