Why are My Child’s Permanent Teeth Not Coming In?

It’s common for most kids to lose their first primary (baby) tooth around six years old, but don’t stress if it happens earlier or later as it is normal for them to lose their baby teeth as late as 12 or 13 years old. Parents are usually curious about when their child’s permanent teeth will start to come in to replace the primary ones that are falling out and sometimes the answer isn’t cut and dry.

Don’t panic if your child’s permanent teeth are taking time to show up, it is perfectly fine and a normal part of their growth. Here are some of the most common reasons your children’s teeth may not be erupting right on schedule.

Reason #1: Not Enough Space For Adult Teeth Yet

This is the most common reason as to why a child’s adult teeth are not coming in as expected. When their primary teeth have fallen out but are smaller than the adult teeth that are trying to grow, there is a high probability that there is not enough space for the new adult teeth to grow in (erupt.) Most kids will have space between their baby teeth and the area the adult teeth are coming in, but some kids may not have those natural spaces to allow for the adult teeth to grow. 

If that is the case, make an appointment with your pediatric dentist to make sure everything is going fine and see if early orthodontic intervention is necessary. Don’t be worried if your dentist orders X-rays, they are just making sure everything is coming in fine.

Reason #2: Permanent Teeth Coming in The Wrong Direction 

We can’t always guess how permanent teeth will erupt after primary teeth fall out. This is a common issue that causes late permanent teeth development, crooked permanent teeth placement, or delayed permanent teeth eruption if not treated. Before major issues can occur, your dentist can either choose to extract the primary teeth around the permanent one to allow for growth or opt for orthodontic intervention that can also help with crooked or misaligned teeth coming in. 

Reason #3: Genetics

We get our beauty and brains from our parents, but we can also get our dental problems from them as well. If you have had issues with your teeth growing up, there is an 80% chance that your children will have those same or similar issues as well.

Reason #4: Nutrition

Nutrition plays a role in our health our whole lives. It can also affect the development of our permanent teeth. Teeth require calcium and other minerals to grow and stay strong. If your child is a picky eater and misses out on essential nutrients early in life, it could take longer for their teeth to grow in. 

High levels of sugar in their diet can also cause early tooth decay and ongoing oral health issues, so make sure as soon as their first tooth pops up you are brushing it and keep processed sugars out of their diet as much as possible. Sugar isn’t bad in moderation, but excessive sugar can have a major impact on the oral health of your child, especially when their primary teeth are present.

Reason #5: Sex of the Child

Like with other parts of their bodies, boys and girls can develop at different rates. Girls tend to start losing their primary teeth up to 6 months before boys do. Don’t worry if your daughter’s teeth come in faster, it is perfectly normal for boys to take a little longer for their permanent teeth to erupt. 

Other Reasons for Delayed Permanent Teeth 

  • Impacted teeth
  • Supernumerary teeth
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • Anemia
  • Cysts or tumors (rare)

Find The Best Pediatric Dentist

While there are plenty of perfectly normal and healthy reasons why your child’s teeth may be taking longer to come in, make sure to speak with your dentist at the sign of anything unusual or painful for your child. Your pediatric dentist can perform X-rays and get to the bottom of any questions you may have and put your mind at ease.

At Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry, we are determined to give your child the highest quality dental treatment and we know they need a caring dentist with a gentle touch. We are happy to answer any questions about your child’s incoming teeth or any issues you may have. 

Our team has extensive training in behavior management and the complex medical needs of children. When you and your child come into our office, you will find a kind and friendly environment for them to relax in while we handle any issues you may have. 

Whether your child needs primary, preventative, restorative or surgical dental care, our skilled and compassionate team are here for your children. Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry takes pride in providing the best dental care for children in Ross County and its surrounding areas. Call our offices to speak with one of our helpful staff members and book an appointment today!